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Humana Guidance Centers: Making a Difference

By Ellen Nason

Humana’s Guidance Centers* provide opportunities for people to live healthier, happier lives. In addition to offering free classes that help improve mental and physical health, the centers create a sense of community through the development of close friendships and shared interests.

As part of Humana’s ongoing efforts to enhance people’s overall well-being, a walking program was added at most of the 24 centers that are spread throughout the country. Participants are motivated to become more active by using pedometers to track their progress and to walk as a group in local parks. The program, which was started in November 2011, has already had a positive impact for hundreds of participants. Since the program launched, more than 900 participants have logged more than 35,000 miles, lost weight, gained strength and agility – and created new friendships. In this video, residents of Zephyrhills and Orlando, Florida, explain how the program has improved their health and well-being.

The walking program is only the latest success at the Guidance Centers. Participants in other exercise programs also report increased mobility and energy and a sense of revitalization. But equally important, many of the program participants say, is a renewed sense of purpose and belonging.

In the video below, Humana Medicare Advantage members tell us how the activities, learning opportunities and friendships have made a difference in their lives.

* The Guidance Center classes and activities vary by location, and some are offered only to Humana members. Please check with your local Guidance Center to verify the availability of activities and classes. 


Morning Walk


Zumba Class


Class doing Leg Streatches


Craft Classes


Walking Group


Senior Yoga



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