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Humana launches “Health Care for You” site to help explain health-care coverage options

Humana has launched “Health Care for You,” an online resource designed to educate people about the basics of health insurance and public exchange options that take effect in 2014 under the Affordable Care Act.

“Health Care For You,” which can be accessed at www.humana.com/HealthcareForYou, uses a character-driven experience focused on baby boomers, families with children and young independents. By filtering through a few key demographic questions as they enter the site, users get the information that is most relevant to them.

Humana is also sponsoring a destination at WebMD called “Protecting and Insuring Your Health” that can be accessed at www.webmd.com/insurehealth. This resource is part of a suite of new offerings from WebMD to help individuals make the right plan choice for themselves and their families.

“There is a strong need for basic education to help raise Americans’ knowledge about health-care coverage and explain how the health-care reform law affects them,” said Roy A. Beveridge, M.D., Humana’s Chief Medical Officer. “Before people can even begin to explore and compare specific offerings, they need to start by understanding what coverage is and why it’s important to obtain. Humana’s Health Care for You site, and our engagement with WebMD, reflect our approach to provide clear, basic education so people can make well-informed decisions about their coverage options.”

“Healthcare For You” offers a variety of articles, videos, slide shows and infographics to help consumers understand what the changes in health care mean to them.

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