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Humana opens Health & Well-Being Centers in San Antonio

The grand opening Wednesday of two Humana Health & Well-Being Centers will make it easier for San Antonio residents to achieve their best health.

The centers, conveniently located in two Walmart stores, include:

  • MyDocDirect, a telemedicine suite that provides a convenient and affordable way for more people to access health care
  • Free health education resources on topics such as nutrition and healthy cooking, allergies, diabetes, and stress management
  • Events and activities that provide opportunities for everyone in the community to learn, exercise and socialize. Some examples are an instructor-led walking club, crafts, planting 101 and home budgeting and organization classes.
  • Customer service for Humana members

Humana has used the telemedicine suites internally for its own associates, but the San Antonio health centers are the first to be opened to the public. They are in Walmart stores at 1200 SE Military Drive and 6703 Leslie Road.

The telemedicine suites are staffed by medical providers practicing at local Concentra Urgent Care locations. A nurse will be available on-site and will connect the patient with a physician via video conference. The nurse uses tools to capture and share images with the physician during the examination. In addition to potential savings of time and money, the technology allows the patient to see what the physician is seeing, opening the door to broader and better communication and improving health literacy. For example, if the physician is looking for a potential problem in a patient’s inner ear, the image he or she is seeing is projected onto the monitor that the patient is viewing, which can broaden a patient’s understanding of his or her own health issue. The services are similar to those that patients would find at urgent care centers: flu, sore throats, sinus infections, allergies, rashes, eye or ear infections and other minor illnesses. The telemedicine suites are not equipped to treat more serious illnesses or wounds.

The centers are part of Humana’s commitment to being a health partner for life. The education resources, exercise activities and social events are open to everyone in San Antonio and offer opportunities to connect and work together to create a healthier, happier community.

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