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HumanaPointsofCare.com: New digital health tool supports Medicare Advantage members

More than 2.9 million Humana Medicare Advantage members and their family and friends now have access to HumanaPointsofCare.com, a new online resource that offers a variety of comprehensive health and education tools.

Members can sign up at HumanaPointsofCare.com and log in with their MyHumana username and password. Once registration is complete, they can invite anyone assisting with their care – including family, friends, providers and their assigned Humana care or case managers – via email to the secure site.

This new tool, available to members at no additional cost, allows users to conduct customized searches, learn about conditions from credible sources and share resources via four key sections:

  • Community Resource Directory: A guide featuring national and community-based resources, such as support groups, medication assistance programs and local transportation options, aiming to inform and educate members. Users can search by their city to quickly find options in their local area.
  • Care Library: Allows Humana Medicare members and their family and friends to learn about specific health conditions and share articles that will enable them to make better decisions about their health. New articles, available in English and Spanish, are frequently being added to the library to ensure it’s up to date with the latest research.
  • Care Circle: Enables Humana Medicare members to send an email invitation asking family, friends and other members of their care team to join their virtual community. Once invited, the Care Circle provides access to the member’s information, letting them virtually flag relevant news and resources and share personal updates.
  • Caregiver Support: Provides educational tools and tips to family and friends to assist them with finances and legal needs of home and hospice care improving their loved one’s quality of life.

Watch the video above to learn more about HumanaPointsofCare.com.

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