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Humana and Weight Watchers team up to fight obesity epidemic


More than one-third of U.S. adults are obese, making obesity a widespread and serious health issue in our country. Obesity and its related conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some cancers, costs Americans billions of dollars annually. The toll it is taking on our overall happiness and well-being is immeasurable.

The statistics are grim, but with the support of communities and groups, such as Weight Watchers International, Inc., we can work together to make positive change and improve our health. As part of an effort to help people achieve lifelong well-being, Humana is teaming up with Weight Watchers to help our members adopt a healthier lifestyle and turn the tide of rising obesity levels.

Who is eligible and how does it work?
With levels of obesity and its health-related impacts continuing to rise in the United States, employers are facing a fast-growing threat to productivity and employee health. For that reason, more employers are taking on this challenge by offering resources to employees, such as this program offered through the Humana and Weight Watchers partnership.

  • All Humana members in qualified employer-sponsored health plans now have free and discounted access to Weight Watchers through an integrated wellness program built into their health plan. The first-of-its-kind program closely integrates Weight Watchers into Humana’s medical and wellness programs, actively connecting members who want to lose weight to the program at no cost for six months and at a significant discount thereafter.
  • Members with weight loss goals will be actively connected to Weight Watchers through Humana’s disease management programs, health coaches, personal nurses, customer service and HumanaVitality.
  • Humana participants can chose Weight Watchers OnlinePlus to follow the plan entirely online with new 24/7 Expert Chat real-time support and access to all the digital tools and apps; or they can choose Weight Watchers Meetings for face-to-face support from a Coach who has lost weight with Weight Watchers and exchange experiences with a group of like-minded peers, along with 24/7 Expert Chat and digital tools and apps.
  • Read our news release for more details about this new program.

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