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Need cues to develop healthier habits? There’s an app for that

As we speed through our daily lives, we sometimes forget to do the little things that will make a big difference in our health, in our lives. Now there is an app that will give us “cues” or reminders to be healthier.

Cue, an app designed at Humana’s Digital Experience Center, prompts users to take small, easy steps throughout the day that can result in better health – drink water, focus on breathing, focus on posture, get up and move, go outside for some fresh air, and stretch. Cue tracks the number of times you complete these actions, making it easier to develop long-lasting, healthy habits. Users can control the frequency of the notifications.

Cue is the first app created by Humana that will be available to everyone, whether you are a Humana member or not. The app will work on any iPhone running iOS 8.2 and later as well as the Apple Watch. It is available as a free download from the App Store on iPhone or from the Apple Watch App Store.

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