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Cue for better health: Free app is prompting positive change

Humana’s Cue, a free app designed for the iPhone and Apple Watch, launched only a month ago but it has already been downloaded 4,600 times and users have taken more than 30,000 positive actions based on its reminders to take the first steps toward better health.

One key to the app’s success may be its emphasis on taking small, easy steps throughout the day to make – and maintain – lifelong health improvements. It focuses on six actions that we can all take with little effort while experiencing big health gains: Drink water, focus on breathing, focus on posture, get up and move, go outside for some fresh air and stretch.

Cue is available to everyone, whether you are a Humana member or not. It will work on any iPhone running iOS 8.2 and later as well as the Apple Watch.

Watch the video above and check out the articles below to learn more about this free app and the Digital Experience Center, where Cue was developed in only seven weeks.

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