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2015 National Senior Games: Changing the game – and how we look at aging

About 12,000 athletes, ages 50 to 102, competed July 3-July 16 in Minneapolis-St. Paul during the 2015 National Senior Games, sponsored by Humana.

The video above and the stories we have shared on this blog (see below) give only a glimpse of the dedication, perseverance and courage some of these athletes have shown as they overcome barriers to better health. All of them showed us that it’s never too late to change, never too late to feel the joy of playing a game you love, never too late to live a happier life.

Some of these remarkable athletes broke records and won medals, but even those who did not come close to a medal gave it their all, made some new friends and motivated us to get up off the couch and life a more active life.

Stories from the 2015 National Senior Games

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