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Blue Button Plus makes it even easier for members to access information digitally

Blue Button, the tool that makes medical records easily available for patients to download and share with members of their health care team, is getting an upgrade.

Humana is launching Blue Button+, an even easier way for patients to access their personal health records. The enhanced Blue Button+ will allow:

• Easy access to members’ health information at any time, via Humana’s secured website.
• A complete view of a member’s medical activity dating back one year.
• The ability to select health information by category and date, including: current conditions, prescription history, lab history and results, and hospital admissions/re-admissions and ER visits.
• New ways for members to share their health report with their primary care physicians, family members and trusted caregivers.

When it was launched in 2013, Blue Button was a simple concept — give patients’ access to their own data. Many of the country’s largest data holders, including federal agencies and private health plans, have embraced Blue Button as a way to make health care data readily available to their beneficiaries. The information is available to members only, not dependents.

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