Humana Announces its 2020 Bold Goal Progress Report

After a year of listening, learning and collaborating, Humana has announced its progress toward its Bold Goal — to improve the health of the communities we serve by 20 percent by 2020 by making it easier for people to achieve their best health.

Highlights include:

• Leading by example: Humana’s 50,000 associates (aka employees) are on track to meet the goal of improving their overall health 20 percent by the end of 2017, three years quicker than the community goal. Many of the programs associates have used to improve their health over the last few years will be rolled out into bold goal communities.

• Benefiting from collaboration in San Antonio: Humana achieved a 23 percent increase in the number of members in San Antonio who took health assessments, which enabled Humana to direct them to appropriate programs. We also launched a pilot program with H-E-B grocery stores that rewards Humana associates with points for purchasing fruits, vegetables, and heart-healthy foods. We are actively working with H-E-B to scale this pilot to a broader San Antonio population.

• Driving a local movement in our hometown: We approached more than 60 local partners in Louisville, including the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement. Humana also tested several new diabetes programs and has seen a 15 percent increase in statin therapy in our diabetes population. We launched a partnership with Air Louisville to reduce the burden of asthma and help city leaders better understand the environmental triggers of asthma.

• Increasing engagement in health programs and addressing food insecurity: In Tampa Bay, we saw increased program participation for health assessments, mail order pharmacy and medication adherence. We also are finding ways to partner with Feeding Tampa Bay to make healthy food more accessible to those who need it.

Over the past year, Humana has learned a great deal about the health barriers and clinical, lifestyle and behavioral challenges facing each of the bold goal communities the company focused on: San Antonio, Louisville, and Tampa Bay, among others.

We’ve listened to community, academic and health care partners in these bold goal communities to develop a detailed understanding of the health challenges these diverse communities face. This knowledge will be instrumental in making health easier, one hometown at a time.

Watch these videos, where we’ve partnered with communities, worked with physicians, and learned from people who understand how difficult it is to get healthy and stay healthy.

See the five-step process we’ll use to improve Healthy Days.

For more information on Humana’s Bold Goal progress, read the press release.

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