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Humana’s Tim State knows that flexible work policies enhance well-being

Humana’s Tim State, Vice President, Associate Health and Well-being, spoke recently with Greg Kratz of 1 Million for Work Flexibility, a national initiative bringing people together to create a collective voice in support of flexible work policies.

Humana “knows how to be flexible for consumers, and that attitude extends to its employees, many of whom have opportunities to work from home, shift their schedules, or otherwise alter when, where, and how they do their jobs,” Kratz wrote on the 1 Million for Work Flexibility blog. “This has helped Humana earn world-class levels of employee engagement, showing that its workers understand and appreciate that commitment to helping them build balanced lives.”

Read the rest of the blog, along with a Q&A with Tim, who talks about Humana’s culture, its goals, and how work flexibility “creates a true win-win, where teammates are enabled to bring their best selves into their work and gain the most from each other’s strengths.”

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