Hearing from our members on cost savings

Great healthcare is personal. Because each person’s health is unique, each member needs something different from his or her care. Sometimes that’s as simple as having an easy process in place to keep different treatments organized and coordinated. Sometimes that means having a caring person to talk through options during a difficult time. But every time, great healthcare means helping people live more healthy days, providing high quality care, and keeping costs down—so members can focus on living their best lives.

Humana works with this single goal in mind: helping our members get, and stay, healthy.

At Humana, we want to keep costs down so our members can focus on living healthy lives. We work hard to make sure we’re succeeding. Here’s what we do to help our Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan members save almost $500 per person in prescription drug premiums this year*:

• We check that the drugs we cover are prescribed and used according to clinical guidelines. We help people choose less expensive, but clinically equivalent, drugs including generics or over-the-counter (OTC). We choose drugs for our formularies that are effective and provide value to consumers.

•  We monitor new drugs entering the market and forecast when drug patents will expire and generic drugs will enter the market.

•  We negotiate drug prices with drug manufacturers and work with them to get better clinical outcomes.

•  We help members take their drugs as prescribed and not miss doses, as well as warn members of possible harmful drug effects such as drug-to-drug interactions, high-risk drugs, or duplicate therapies.

•  We use clinical research and analyze data to compare drugs and clinical outcomes to help us place the most clinically and cost-effective drugs on our formularies. We also try to predict and detect possible risks or overutilization of certain drugs.

One of the ways we know this is working is when we hear from members who let us know we’re helping to keep their costs down. Here’s an email one of our associates received from member Barbara T. in Tyler, Texas:

Subject: I love Humana!

Dear Robin,

I wanted to let you know how glad I am to have switched my prescription drug coverage to Humana! With my previous insurance company, the monthly premium was well over $60 per month. I was taking three medications, and the co-pay with them was $5 each for two of them and $39.90 for the other one. At the first of the year, my premium was to change to about $70 a month, and that’s when I decided to shop around for another insurance company. My mother always loved Humana and your recommendation influenced me, also.

Since switching to Humana, my monthly premium is just over $20 a month, and the co-pay is $0 for the three prescriptions that I have been taking. As you know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January and had surgery in February. The co-pay for my pain medication was only $1.04 (at Wal-Mart). The co-pay for the Triamcinolone cream I’m using for the radiation is only $1 for 2 tubes, and the co-pay for my anti-cancer prescription (Letrozole) is $0. I’m very pleased with everything about Humana!!!!

Thanks!! Barbara T.

Keeping people healthy saves money. It’s as simple as that. By helping Humana members live their best, healthiest lives, each of these programs contributes to keeping their costs down.

*How we calculate our cost-savings for members:

February 2016 Internal Humana calculation of total projected premium value from Humana’s drug rebates, management, and quality programs divided by [projected 2016] Humana Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan membership, as applicable.

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