Humana associates take 16 billion steps toward better health

Humana associates took more than 16 billion steps together in the company’s annual 100 Day Dash step competition, up from 5.7 billion steps in the inaugural Dash in 2012.

Participation and engagement has grown every year since the first Dash, further energizing Humana’s culture of well-being.

The 2016 100 Day Dash wrapped up on July 12, with Dashers logging 7.5 million miles of steps – enough to circle Earth over 300 times. There were 21,869 total Dashers in 2016 and 2,933 official teams. Since the Dash is focused on engaging the entire Humana community in well-being, family members can also participate, and this year they were 10% of the Dashers.

Over 9,000 associates improved their step counts over 2015.

Humana associate Regina Hannel-Maouloud said she loved the higher energy level she got from the Dash. And she had a few secrets for making sure she kept moving to reach her personal best.

“I make myself get up at least once an hour and walk through my apartment and out to my car and back,” she said. “I use my treadmill when watching my TV shows in the evenings after work. I have proven to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to do. I know I will conquer my own goals and I will get in better health and be a much happier person on the inside and out.

“My goals were to get myself into better health,” she said. “I want to lower my A1C, my blood pressure, and lose weight so I can feel better and look better. I want to always be a happy person and fun to be around. I also want to be able to go outside with my 5 grandchildren and run and play with them without getting out of breath.”

Like Regina, Humana has found that when associates engage in the Dash, it often helps them adopt and sustain healthier lifestyle habits that ultimately improve their health. “Dashing” with their teammates also brings support, comraderie – and some healthy competition.

The Dash also partnered with the Humana Foundation for a second year. Because Humana associates met their overall step goal, the Foundation gave $15,000 to Make-A-Wish. In addition, several other charitable organizations received smaller donations in honor of the 9,000+ Dashers who improved their step counts since 2015. Each individual personally selected which charitable cause would receive a donation on their behalf.

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