Workplace well-being can help a company thrive

A culture of well-being in a workplace can inspire healthier lifestyles among employees and spark positive change that lasts, says Humana’s Tim State, Enterprise Vice-President, Associate Health & Well-being.

Tim recently wrote a blog for TriplePundit — titled “Workplace Well-Being: My Grandma Was Right About Health” – in which he offered some guiding principles for companies interested in building a culture of well-being.

“A sustainable society requires healthier, thriving people,” Tim wrote. “However, in the U.S., this is unlikely to occur at scale without employers’ direct participation. Why not? American working-age adults on average spend nearly 60 percent of waking hours at work. This provides organizations the potential for profound impact.”

Tim talks about the importance of having a sound purpose, visible leadership, actionable metrics and an engaged workforce.

Read the full blog here.

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