Humana Pharmacy donates diabetic supplies

Humana Pharmacy in Phoenix recently donated more than 3,000 pounds of diabetic supplies (four pallets), including insulin syringes, pen needles, and test strips, to Insulin for Life USA, a nonprofit that provides insulin and disease management supplies free of charge to those with diabetes in developing countries who otherwise would go without these lifesaving provisions. The supplies were unused and unopened and returned by members for various reasons to the Humana Pharmacy dispensing facility in Phoenix. Due to various state pharmacy laws, Humana Pharmacy cannot redistribute these items to other members. Rather than let these items go to waste, Humana Pharmacy teamed up with Insulin for Life USA to provide people with diabetes in places like Barbados, Belize, Cayman, Ghana, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, and Uganda access to tools to help manage their diabetes.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, an estimated half a million children worldwide below the age of 15 are living with type 1 diabetes, with thousands of newly diagnosed children every year. Especially in developing countries, these children suffer and sometimes even die due to a lack of insulin and supplies.

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