Brian LeClaire talks consumer-driven strategy

Brian LeClaire, Humana’s Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, recently spoke with about “How to remain relevant in a changing IT world.”

He talked about the importance of being innovative and proactive as “customers have begun demanding that their providers offer services that mirror the technology they use in their personal lives.”

“The challenge to enterprise-class IT organizations, in terms of their relevance and value, has never been greater than it is today,” Brian said.

The need to reach customers in ways they want to be reached has motivated many companies to adopt more consumer-focused strategies and technologies.

He cited Humana’s Digital Experience Center, which the publication called “the company’s hub for conceiving, developing and testing new digital assets, with a separate and distinct design and layout from its other nearby offices.”

He also talked about Go365, Humana’s data-driven wellness and rewards program.
“Go365 is built around a digitally-enabled experience that you can have on your mobile device or on the web,” he said. “You hear the phrase ‘gamification.’ Go365 is a good example of gamification in action.”

“Driving the strategic agenda of the company is really about how we pivot to become a more consumer-centric organization focused on integrated care delivery, and how technology enables that integrated care delivery and a differentiated consumer experience,” he said.

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