Getting healthier together

The idea of using “experience groups” – asking people to describe in real terms what their everyday lives are like and then acting on the insights – is gaining traction among health care providers and employers, according to a story in The Wall Street Journal.

Humana’s Tim State, Vice President, Associate Health and Well-being, spoke with the newspaper about how Humana has used experience groups to improve the company’s employee health-and-wellness offerings.

Tim noted the importance of social influence on health. He said the experience-group discussions reinforced the idea “that people often will improve or worsen together.”

“As a result of the discussions, Humana developed more team fitness activities, such as group step challenges, so workers could inspire each other to better health,” the newspaper reported. “It also loosened its dress code to business casual so people would feel more comfortable moving around. And when many of the employees talked about having limited time to devote to health and fitness, Humana began allowing some workers to dedicate part of each workweek specifically to those activities.”

Read the entire article here.

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