Video: Improving health with value-based care

Focusing on patient outcomes, as opposed to the process of providing care, can help doctors spend more time with the sickest people and keep all of their patients healthier, rather than just caring for them when they are sick. Humana leaders discuss such value-based medicine in a new video.

“We’ve really had a cultural change here at Humana…. not about changing the compensation method for physicians but how we can really help support physicians be successful in value-based care,” says Tim O’Rourke, Segment Vice President and President, Humana Provider Development Center of Excellence.

Dr. Roy Beveridge, Humana’s Chief Medical Officer, agrees, saying, “Our cancer screenings improved. Our treatment of women with osteoporosis has improved… and if you look at all of the different quality metrics that we monitor ourselves and for so many other people, we’ve really improved in a number of great, great areas.”

Another example is the treatment of diabetics. Foot ulcers are a common precursor to amputations in diabetics. By having care managers teach patients to inspect their feet, Humana was able to reduce not only foot ulcers but the amputations themselves.

“I believe the patient plays an incredibly valuable role and we, within Humana , have an obligation to continuously provide technology and information to the patient that truly empowers them to be an advocate of their health care and own their health with their primary care physician,” said Caraline Coats, Vice President, Humana Provider Development Center of Excellence.

Watch the full video here.

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