Be ‘patiently aggressive’ to market health

Marketing well-being, by encouraging small but important lifestyle changes and promoting long-term goals, can be more difficult than just selling a product, according to Jody Bilney, Humana’s Chief Consumer Officer.

Jody recently wrote about her approach in an opinion piece on

“It’s tricky for health-care marketers because we are encouraging consumers to make certain decisions—such as small, healthier choices each day that add up—but the payoff for those decisions doesn’t come for years down the road and may be hard to trace back to their original decisions,” she wrote.

But she offered three strategies for making it work:

• Build trusting relationships between the brand and the consumer, showing them that you care and giving them the tools to succeed.

• Sustain that message over time, without being overbearing, so consumers “feel empowered to make small, sustainable healthy choices every day.”

• Be “patiently aggressive,” knowing that success will take time. “Smaller, repeatable actions create sustained changes. The only way we’ll achieve our long-term goals is to make health fun and easy so consumers make healthy choices over and over again.”

“In the end, individuals make their own decisions,” she wrote. “We have to be OK with knowing they won’t think about us when they take that once-in-a-lifetime trip to scale a mountain or chase their grandkids around at age 86 because their success is our success.”

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