Humana and Amgen will use big data to improve health

By partnering with biotech company Amgen, Humana hopes to better analyze the claims data it collects on roughly 9 million people to identify health problems earlier and intervene before they become more serious and costly, Humana Chief Pharmacy Officer Laura Happe told Insider Louisville.

“We believe that you lower costs by improving patient outcomes,” Laura told the publication.

She used the example of congestive heart failure, which when undetected or uncontrolled can lead to dangerous fluid retention.

“Humana and Amgen will sift through data to figure out how to detect the condition earlier and prevent bad outcomes,” the story said. “Healthier patients will mean fewer doctor and hospital visits, which will mean lower costs to health care providers and payers, including the patient and Humana.”

The story also noted that “the companies also plan to combine real-world evidence with data from wearable tech and apps or even Bluetooth-enabled drug delivery devices to target serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, neurologic disorders, inflammatory diseases and cancer.”

Read the full story here.

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