Support for members impacted by the southern California wildfires

Humana has launched a series of efforts to assist its members, employees and communities in southern California impacted by the Creek, Lilac, Rye and Thomas wildfires.

With these wildfires possibly in your vicinity, your safety and well-being remain a top priority for Humana. We have taken these steps to assist our members:

  • Waiving all requirements for primary care physician (PCP) referrals and prior authorizations for members that identify themselves as being impacted by the fires in counties declared disaster areas.
  • Providing members with the same cost-sharing they would receive from an in-network facility.
  • For members with a pharmacy benefit, suspending restrictions on refills to allow for travel difficulties and evacuations.
  • Opening up our toll-free crisis intervention hotline and counseling services beyond employees and members to include any individual who may need assistance in those communities impacted by the fires. Humana counselors and work/life specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-866-440-6556 to provide free, confidential assistance to anyone needing help and support in coping with the disaster and its aftermath. Assistance is available in both English and Spanish.

For your safety, please keep the following in mind:

  • Tune in to local television and radio stations. You’ll get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.
  • Know where to go. If you are ordered to evacuate, know the route to take and have a plan of where you’ll go. Check-in with your friends and family.
  • Keep your car fueled, in good condition and stocked with emergency supplies and a change of clothes.Humana members with questions about services available to them should call the toll-free phone number on the back of their Humana ID card.

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