How is Humana supporting healthy communities?

Dr. Wayne Tuckson opens his KET interview of Dr. Bryan Loy, Humana medical director and co-chair of the Louisville Health Advisory Board, with “Health care improvement at the community level is more than a notion. It requires many partners to be effective.”

The audience instantly knows there will need to be some strong evidence that Humana’s Bold Goal – a commitment to improve the health of communities 20 percent by 2020 by making it easy for people to achieve their best health – is making progress.

“If we can get to the social determinants of health and we can get to the behaviors and we can level the disparities around health literacy, then we can get to better outcomes by taking care of each other,” explains Dr. Loy.

Watch the rest of their in-depth conversation about Healthy Days and how Humana and its partners are working to co-create more of them.

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