Proper sharing of data can empower members and lead to holistic health

The Transcend Insights HealthLogix platform can help free health data from traditional siloes, putting members in control of their data and fostering trusted relationships that lead to holistic health.

That’s the focus of a new video featuring Humana CEO Bruce Broussard and Marc Willard, President of Transcend Insights.

Integrating processes and workflows to efficiently share data can empower patients and care teams and help members achieve their best health.

“Interoperability is one of the bigger challenges we face,” Bruce said. “Sharing data and insights is critical as we move from treating chronic conditions to preventing them.”

Marc said, “The Healthlogix platform brings in all different types of data, from clinical to claims, and beyond. And that will enable us to create advanced analytics and, more importantly, insights right at the point of care. Transcend Insights is essentially the operating system of integrated care delivery.”

The goal is to deliver critical insights for preventive care, so clinicians, nurses and specialists can get a holistic view of a member’s health record in real time.

Watch the video here.


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