Addressing loneliness can improve health

Loneliness is a health hazard, much like smoking and obesity, the AARP reports. And health care companies like Humana are using new procedures to diagnose and treat the condition.

In the article, Dr. Roy Beveridge, Humana’s Chief Medical Officer, noted that Humana’s Bold Goal considers loneliness a social determinant of health in much the same way as lack of transportation or food insecurity or poverty. He noted that Humana has introduced several pilot programs to find ways of addressing such issues.

“For example, because correlation between social isolation and food insecurity is high, Humana is working with Meals on Wheels to assess whether interacting with the member while dropping off the food is successful,” the article said.

Dr. Beveridge said, “We have to look at this from a multitude of directions to determine which approach will contribute positively to the solution.”

Read the full story here.

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