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Value-based care requires new leadership skills

Health care leaders need “to acquire new skills, talents, and capabilities as we lead new and expanded teams of people in the treatment of patients,” according to two Humana leaders writing for Managed Healthcare Executive.

Dr. Roy Beveridge, Humana’s Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Meredith Williams, Lead Medical Director, wrote about effective leadership styles in a value-based reimbursement model, where success is measured in better health outcomes for chronically ill patients.

Physician leaders must encourage collaboration, increase transparency, practice humility, be curious and mindful of others’ expertise, and provide inspiration and motivation.

“Over the past decades, we’ve expanded whom we work with, but we haven’t fundamentally changed how the team functions to best support the care of the chronically ill,” they wrote. “For people to work together differently, we need a different style of leadership. Research from the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement shows that clinicians want to be led by clinicians. If physicians want to lead in the value-based world, we need to get a team working together to achieve something that’s superior to what we would have achieved on our own.”

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