The Humana Foundation invests $720,000 in Baton Rouge project to fight food insecurity and social isolation

The Humana Foundation is investing $720,000 in the Geaux Get Healthy program and partnering with Healthy BR to fight food insecurity and social isolation.

The Geaux Get Healthy project will make the greatest impact in Baton Rouge zip codes with high rates of food insecurity and social isolation by offering:

   • Numerous access points for purchasing fresh food at an affordable price
   • Mechanisms for sustaining that access through urban agriculture
   • Education and hands-on demonstrations and tastings to increase consumption of fresh food
   • Opportunities to connect with other members of the community in a way that is meaningful and supportive

In total, Geaux Get Healthy will receive more than $1 million to address Baton Rouge food deserts, thanks to funding from the Humana Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation.

The investment is part of the Foundation’s new Strategic Community Investments work. Through the program, the Foundation will invest $7 million in 2018 in nonprofit organizations operating in seven communities: San Antonio, Texas; Louisville, Ky., Baton Rouge, La.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Tampa Bay, Fla.; Jacksonville, Fla.; and Broward County, Fla.

In each of these communities, Humana is pursuing its “Bold Goal” to improve the health of the communities Humana serves 20 percent by 2020.The Humana Foundation is investing in nonprofit organizations that address food security, social connection, post-secondary success (sustained employment) and asset security, four social determinants of health that significantly impact people’s overall health and well-being. Social determinants are the conditions under which people are born, grow, live, work and age that impact overall health and well-being.

About the Humana Foundation
The Humana Foundation was established in 1981 as the philanthropic arm of Humana Inc., one of the nation’s leading health and well-being companies. Located in Louisville, Ky., the Foundation seeks to co-create communities where leadership, culture, and systems work to improve and sustain positive health outcomes. For more information, visit

Humana and the Humana Foundation are dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility. Our goal is to ensure that every business decision we make reflects our commitment to improving the health and well-being of our members, our employees, the communities we serve, and our planet.

About Healthy BR
HealthyBR brings together more than 90 hospitals, non-profit organizations, local businesses, schools, and governmental institutions that collaborate to significantly impact Baton Rouge’s health priorities. Their success in bringing together key stakeholders to work toward common goals designed to make Baton Rouge a healthier city for all is a shining example of population health management. HealthyBR serves as a best practice model for other cities, has been recognized with the American Hospital Association’s prestigious NOVA award, and participates in the National League of Cities’ Learning Collaborative on Health Disparities. Visit to learn more.

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