Preparing for the AI revolution

Forbes writes that “artificial intelligence (AI) represents great promise for achieving the vision of an intelligent enterprise—from predicting customer behavior to managing large-scale production systems.” But that requires “high levels of data literacy, as well as the skills to implement AI-based solutions.”

“Finding the right talent is a real challenge right now,” says Heather Cox, chief digital health and analytics officer at Humana, who was quoted in the story. “AI and data science talent is what can help you differentiate your organization.”

A Forbes Insights survey of 700 C-level executives found that data literacy was cited as a top barrier to successfully implementing AI, followed closely by lack of AI and data science expertise.

“It’s important to make sure that you can democratize your data to get it into the hands of citizen data scientists and business analysts,” says Cox. “Data needs to be clean and supported by the right kind of infrastructure. You need to get the right basic tools in place, so anybody can interrogate the data in fundamentally different and new ways.”

Read the full story here.

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