Humana participates in 2019 International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement in the Netherlands

Humana was honored to be asked to participate in the 2019 International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) in the Netherlands. With 1,200 healthcare leaders from across the globe, we were happy to participate as a healthcare company moving those we serve into better outcomes at lower costs by associating with physicians in successful value-based models of care.  

Roy Beveridge, MD, former Humana Chief Medical Officer and current advisor, moderated a panel of experts on the topic of Examples of Value Based Payment Models. More than 200 healthcare leaders attended to hear real-life examples from organizations at the beginning of the VBC journey and others who are farther along. Panelists included Ward Bijlsma, Mengis; Lili Brillstein, Blue Cross Blue Shield; Jeroen van der Wolk, Zilveren Kruis; Erik van Raaij, Erasmus University; and Eva de Boer, Erasmus University. The audience was very engaged, and the discussion was informative.

Dr. Beveridge also participated on a signature panel of thought leaders on the topics of Value Based Health Care. This panel was presented for all 1,200 conference attendees and was moderated by Herb Riband, Stanford University. Panelists included: Pall Jonsson, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence; Nathalie Moll, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations; and Jan Kimpen, Philips.

One conference attendee called Humana “one of the most advanced insurance companies in the U.S.” based on our value-based care and social determinants work. Dr. Beveridge shared many insights, one of which was, “fee-for-service models are inherently wasteful and inhibit innovation; and most importantly, they don’t produce the best outcomes for patients. We have to push the boundaries and think of healthcare really differently. In some U.S. states, we have been working in value-based care models for 20 years; in others, we’re just getting started.”

Finally, on Friday, ICHOM and Humana will co-host a thought-leadership breakfast for a select group of 30 conference attendees to share thoughts on the importance of having a global population measure and propose that the CDC’s Healthy Days tool may be a good option. It’s a self-report measure that is critical in understanding the patient experience and while simple, is correlated with health outcomes. Highlights from this thought-leadership conversation will be captured as a white paper or issue brief for publication.

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