Humana is JUST Capital’s No. 1 Company for Healthcare Provider Workers

Humana is the No. 1 company for workers in the healthcare provider industry, according to Forbes and the 2019 JUST Capital ranking of the Top 33 Companies for Workers by industry.

Each year, JUST Capital surveys Americans on what it means for a business to engage in just business practices. The Top 33 Companies for Workers list ranks companies that invest in workers and prioritize fair pay, benefits, a living wage, safety, equal opportunity, skills training, work-life balance and more.

Humana earned the No. 1 spot for workers in the healthcare providers industry because of its commitment to employee health and well-being. In 2018, Humana employees achieved their Bold Goal, improving their health and well-being 20 percent, through a variety of programs and services focused on mental and physical health.

To learn more about these and Humana’s other corporate citizenship efforts, read the company’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

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