National TV commercial cites Humana as a leader in workplace culture

Humana President and CEO Bruce Broussard is appearing in a national TV commercial with Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President & CEO at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), to discuss the importance of having a healthy workplace culture.

They talk about how a healthy employee base is important for maintaining a healthy customer base. By fostering a culture of holistic well-being — like Humana’s focus on the dimensions of Purpose, Health (emotional/physical/spiritual), Belonging and Security – our associates can be their best selves at work and help our members achieve their own best health.

A thriving work culture enhances engagement, fosters a sense of purpose, and creates the right environment for exemplary customer care. Bruce specifically cites Humana’s Volunteer Time Off policy as a way to enhance that sense of community belonging.

Bruce recently wrote about Humana’s culture of well-being here, referencing the Humana Well-being: 2018 Annual Report.

This three-part SHRM commercial series will also feature leaders from IBM and Mastercard. If you’d like to catch the commercial on TV, here’s this week’s broadcast schedule for CNN (breaking news could alter these times):


6:51:46 PM

7:48:38 PM

7:48:53 PM

8:48:50 PM

8:49:05 PM

10:45:36 PM


12:48:50 AM

12:49:05 AM

7:40:03 AM

7:40:18 AM

9:53:45 AM

9:54:00 AM

11:48:00 AM

11:48:15 AM

12:53:50 PM

12:54:05 PM

3:48:30 PM

3:48:45 PM

4:37:51 PM

4:38:06 PM

5:52:28 PM

7:10:58 PM

8:25:44 PM

9:30:58 PM

9:31:13 PM

10:26:44 PM

11:32:13 PM


1:28:40 PM

11:51:51 PM

12:39:55 AM


11:50:40 AM

3:10:15 PM

4:29:39 PM

8:19:10 PM

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