Bold Goal cited in report on ‘holistic, patient-focused’ care

The Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit private foundation supporting independent research on health policy reform and a high-performance health system, recently reported on the CHRONIC Care Act, which passed in 2018 and made it possible “for Medicare Advantage plans to begin covering services like adult day care, support for family caregivers, pest control, or other benefits that help members maintain or improve their health.”

The story cited Humana’s Bold Goal:

“In 2015, Humana launched the Bold Goal initiative, an effort to improve members’ health 20 percent by 2020 and beyond by identifying the social determinants of poor health and partnering with community organizations to address them. The insurer is working in 14 markets, where thus far some 1 million members have been screened. About 15 percent of Medicare Advantage plan members reported being food insecure and about 37 percent report being socially isolated — both factors that put people at increased risk of getting sick and accruing higher medical spending.

Andrew Renda, M.D., Humana’s associate vice president for population health, was quoted, saying, “When you have someone with a chronic condition and put social needs on top there’s an exponential increase in cost. That’s the perfect storm we’re trying to avoid.”

The story also cited Humana’s efforts in Tampa, where lonely seniors can utilize “grandkids-on-demand;” programs in Kansas City and Knoxville, in partnership with Walgreens, to screen thousands of people for food insecurity; and toolkits to help clinicians identify and address food insecurity.

The story also noted that, “this year, Humana will introduce grocery benefits for 50,000 members in its Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans (for people eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid).”

Read the full story here.

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