Humana Pharmacy Donates Unused Prescription Medication to Mission of Mercy

Those in need of medication who cannot afford it will now have more access to prescriptions through Mission of Mercy thanks to a donation from Humana Pharmacy, the mail-delivery pharmacy owned by Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM).

Humana Pharmacy donated unused prescription medication to Mission of Mercy, a nonprofit organization that provides free primary healthcare and prescription medications to the uninsured and underinsured. The organization has 14 clinics across the country, including seven in Maricopa County.  The charity provides more than 27,000 free patient visits each year at its 14 clinics.

Humana has previously donated unused, over-the-counter medications, which was allowed under Arizona state law, to Phoenix-area nonprofits, including Flying Samaritans, Ronald McDonald House and St. Vincent de Paul.

Humana chose to team up with Mission of Mercy on this new effort to donate unused prescription medication.  Together, they received invaluable partnership and support from the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy, without which Humana Pharmacy would not have been able to donate these unused and unexpired prescription medications from its mail-order delivery facility in Phoenix. This would have led to medical waste as the prescription medications would have been incinerated and not utilized by those in need.

“Reducing medical waste is part of being a good corporate citizen, so we are excited that this new effort allows Humana Pharmacy to donate unused prescription medication to Mission of Mercy, a wonderful community resource that provides free medication and medical care to those in need in our community,” said Michael Taday, PharmD, Vice President, Pharmacy Clinical Strategies and Operations at Humana. “In addition, this new change allows our pharmacists to positively impact the health outcomes of the communities we serve by ensuring the medication is not wasted and will serve a positive purpose.”

“With a nearly all-volunteer medical staff, prescription medications are one of our largest expenses each year,” said Dr. Brad Smith, medical director for Mission of Mercy clinics in Maricopa County. “Last year alone we dispensed more than 33,400 prescriptions to our patients in need that represented a cost of $80,000 to our nonprofit. We are grateful that Humana is helping us reduce costs and serve those who can’t afford costly medications in our community.”

Mission of Mercy will begin to distribute the medication through its local clinics to those patients with the greatest need. For more information on Mission of Mercy visit

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