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Humana’s plan to improve San Antonio’s health

Sandra Delgado – M.D. M.P.H., and chief medical officer for Humana Government Business – recently wrote a piece for the San Antonio Express-News. She wrote about the work of Humana associates to keep people healthy and the importance of making sure “the right patients are offered case management services to figure out how to stay in their homes despite maturity of age and chronic diseases.”

“Humana also is able to provide doctors with real-time information about a patient’s health to make the most of the appointment time,” she wrote. “Humana tries to ensure each of our members is getting appropriate health care so patients are not put at risk of unnecessary or dangerous health procedures. Humana serves many diverse populations including our U.S. military families and veterans, people with Medicare, employees and families of all sizes of workplaces and many others. But there is one common goal with all populations: to help everyone achieve their best health.

“Here at Humana, we are partnering with doctors and other health care providers for improved health outcomes for our members. The current health care system is too complex and not exactly easy to navigate. Personalizing the healthcare experience so that it is relevant to people’s unique circumstances, providing support where people need it, and creating easy-to-use options for engaging in health are just some of the ways we’re trying to simplify healthcare.”

Read the entire article here.

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