Full speed ahead on home care

Dr. William Shrank, Humana’s Chief Medical and Corporate Affairs Officer, recently spoke with Home Health Care News about “social determinants of health, continuing health care trends and the ongoing alignment of the company’s in-home care operations.”

“We’re increasingly acknowledging and realizing the importance of social context in the health of our members,” he said. “We’re increasingly thinking about whole-person health and how to manage not only the physical health issues or the behavioral health of our members but how to couch it within the social context in which they live.

“We want to better understand the social barriers that influence their ability to achieve their best health. When you put all those things together — with the fact that more complex seniors are living at home and prefer to be cared for at home with personalized health care services — you can see why we’re driven to leverage all of these in-home pieces.

The article noted that Humana “is busy with its many in-home endeavors, which include Humana At Home, Curo Health Services and Kindred at Home.”

“I think one thing that I would want to continually reiterate is that we do not treat physical disease — we treat people,” Dr. Shrank said. “We do not treat behavioral health — we treat people. And you can’t treat a part without looking at the whole.”

Read the entire article here.

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