Humana helps nurses stay healthy, so we can all stay healthy

Humana’s culture of well-being, along with internal social networks, peer-to-peer recognition and wellness programs, are helping associates who are nurses live healthier, less-stressful lives, according to an article in American Nurse Today, the official journal of the American Nurses Association.

Kathy Driscoll, RN, CCM, Humana’s Chief Nursing Officer and an ANA-New York member, recently spoke with the publication, along with Tim State, Senior Vice President of Associate Health and Well-Being.

Read the full article here, starting on page 6 of the pdf.

Humana is a big supporter of the ANA’s Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge, a social movement aimed at improving the health of the nation by improving the health of America’s 4 million registered nurses. The initiative offers support and discussion opportunities, risk appraisals, and help improving physical activity, rest, nutrition and quality of life.

Kathy noted that Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation dovetails well with Humana’s culture and existing resources.

“We’re recognizing those who make big gains, those who have taken small steps, and those who have fallen off track yet are committed to getting back on track,” she said. “We really listen to our nurses and the insights and challenges they face and try to provide the support they need to achieve their health goals. We heard from our nurses that it was really important to have a platform to communicate with other nurses, and to exchange insights about patient challenges and solutions.”

Tim agreed, saying: “We know how important social support is to sustaining improvement to one’s well-being over time. None of us gets there alone. We’re trying to help nurses get in touch with their sense of purpose in life, and to connect their own health and well-being journey to this driving force for positive change. Our success in serving our members depends greatly on our nurses living their best lives and being in their best state of well-being.”

Claritza Maldonado, care manager, telephonic nurse and Humana 2019 Nurse Well-Being Award winner, holds a perfect plank while her grandson watches.

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