Jane F.’s lung transplant helped give her life again

Jane F. returned home from a hospital stay struggling with COPD, which made even the simplest activities, like walking around the house, tough for her. She needed a double lung transplant, but she wasn’t healthy enough for surgery and needed to pass a fitness test before she could be added to the transplant list.

That’s when Jane met Stacey, her Humana At Home care manager. The program connects members like Jane to Humana At Home care managers who speak with them on the phone or come to their homes to help address members’ whole health. Stacey helped connect Jane with physical therapists, pharmacists, and doctors who provided her with the care she needed to improve her strength.

After a few months of working together, Jane was strong enough to pass her fitness test, and with Stacey’s help to navigate the transplant process, Jane received the lung transplant she needed.

At Humana, we’re committed to the health and well-being of our members like Jane, and we put #BetterHealth at the core of everything we do. Today Jane credits her Humana care team as pivotal to her successful lung transplant, which, as she says, “gave me life again.”

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