‘The Dog Lovers of Humana’

There’s nothing like the unconditional love of a dog – and that love can be life-changing. Now, dog lovers across Humana, who have connected for years on the company’s intranet to share their experiences with man’s best friend, have gone public with their pooches in a new book released on Amazon in February.

The 200+ page book, titled “The Dog Lovers of Humana: How Employees of a Well-being Company, With Their Canine Companions, Take the Journey Towards Happier and Healthier Lives,” is packed with heartwarming stories contributed by 82 Humana employees, each of whom shares how a dog has made a difference in their well-being. The stories represent 146 dogs and include 500 pictures. Authored by “Humana Employees and Their Best Buddies” and edited by Sarah Stephens, Business Consultant in IT, the e-version made its debut on Amazon on February 11, with a bound version following a few days later.

“Our dogs are such important partners in our lives,” says Sarah, an animal rescue advocate who currently lives with eight dogs of her own. “They help us gain better health, safety, a purpose to life, and a sense of belonging.”

The support the group received as they worked on the book was impressive, with a variety of teams and leaders reacting with enthusiasm and lending guidance throughout the process. An incredibly tightly knit group, the Dog Lovers intranet group believes Humana’s culture is enhanced by the ability to connect online in a personal way about something other than work that matters to them.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be given to three dog rescue operations within the U.S.

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