Humana, Microsoft teams reimagine health for aging populations

Humana and Microsoft have announced a strategic partnership focused on building modern health care solutions for Humana members aimed at improving their health outcomes and making their health care experiences simpler to navigate.

As a first step in the seven-year partnership with Microsoft as Humana’s preferred cloud provider, Humana will modernize its technology platforms and aggregate data on Microsoft Azure enabling a truly longitudinal view of its members’ health histories, to facilitate Humana’s members and their care teams having complete health records at their fingertips when and where they need it.

In media interviews, Heather Cox, Chief of Digital Health & Analytics at Humana used the example of a flu vaccine. “With this partnership, Humana is connecting data on when was your last flu shot; how prevalent is the flu in your community; when does it normally peak; where are flu shots offered by you; what is the most effective way to communicate with you about the flu shot; and whether you’ve had any reactions to previous flu shots in Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud platform. Humana applies analytics to this data, which generates a notification from your MyHumana app with the time of your no-cost flu shot at a location close to you. You can confirm or change your appointment or reschedule with one-click. With data from Microsoft Azure, there’s no paperwork to complete when you arrive for your flu shot after you verify your identity. Humana makes this data readily available to any of your physicians; we connect your providers for you with your permission. As data re-enters Microsoft Azure, your health record is automatically updated, which updates your doctor that you’ve had your flu shot within moments of it happening. Finally, you are more likely to get your flu shot next year because we’ve made it easy for you to do so.”

Furthermore, Humana will empower doctors to deliver personalized, proactive health care by providing a holistic view of their patients, ensuring preventive care, keeping up with medication schedules and refills, and offering perspective on social barriers to health, such as food insecurity, loneliness, and social isolation.

Humana will also leverage Microsoft technologies for health care-tuned natural language understanding and speech recognition to improve administrative and clinical workflows to make health care easier for members and clinician partners.

“Achieving our goal to provide better care experiences and improving our members’ health requires strong partnerships that allow us to be smarter, safer and faster in delivering care,” said Cox. “The technologies to empower our members to get ahead of their health issues and equip doctors with information exist today. Our partnership with Microsoft gives us a secure space and modern platforms to put these technologies to work for patients and their trusted providers.”

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