Humana opens fifth center for digital health & analytics

Humana’s studio_h in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood opened in the beginning of September. Humana’s fifth digital center has already attracted national media attention for how Humana is using data and analytics.

As Humana CEO Bruce Broussard and Chief Digital Health & Analytics Officer Heather Cox described it is an investment in Humana’s members and their health.

“We give you these tools that you can utilize through the phone, through the iPad, where we’re monitoring your health, and a signal is created, we can bring that back to your doctor (and) to your care teams,” Heather told CNBC in a separate interview.

Seventy-five associates are currently working in studio_h. They demonstrated two products for CNBC – the mobile experience for On Hand, a telemedicine health plan available to employees of small businesses, and an online tool to shop and enroll in Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans. Both of these experiences are being personalized for the user, which is one of the tenets of Humana’s studio_h.

Heather explained, “Our members want to be connected digitally… They want to be engaged in their health and take control of their health.”

Bruce followed up by sharing the importance of speed: “We have a very agile orientation to get products out as quickly as possible… the customers are helping us develop (them).”

Humana studio_h was built for collaboration. It features places for the team to host Humana members, traveling associates, external community members and industry professionals.

Between Boston and Humana’s other digital centers in Louisville, Dallas, Menlo Park, and San Diego, Bruce said the company is working toward “proactively manag(ing) health to slow disease progression.” Heather said success is determined by when “Our members say ‘you made a difference in my life’ and a caregiver says ‘you made a difference in my loved one’s life’ and doctors say they have more time with patients.”

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