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Listening to Concerns Leads to Finding Solutions during COVID

Theresa is a Humana member who lives alone without family nearby. She lives with multiple chronic conditions, including lupus and anxiety.

Before the COVID-19 health crisis, Theresa’s approach to managing her physical and mental health was working well. By attending a SilverSneakers group exercise class, she controlled her anxiety and stress. Hydroxychloroquine, a prescription medication for lupus, helped control her chronic autoimmune disease.

Then coronavirus made managing Theresa’s health much more challenging.

When Rakinzie, a Humana at Home care manager, reached out to check on her, Theresa expressed how much COVID-19 was affecting her physical and mental health. She was not able to leave her home to get food for fear of contracting COVID-19 with a weakened immune system. Her primary method of coping – in-person group exercise – was no longer an option. She felt isolated from her community and anxious about leaving her home for food or supplies.

On top of that, the drug that was providing her with lupus relief was making headline news as a possible COVID-19 treatment, causing Theresa to worry she might not be able to get her prescribed Hydroxychloroquine.

Rakinzie asked a few questions and listened as Theresa described her situation and concerns.

Theresa mentioned she had been seeing an in-person therapist to help with anxiety. Rakinzie explained how Theresa’s Humana Medicare Advantage plan includes telehealth benefits with waived copays through the end of 2020 for outpatient behavioral health and how she could use those services. Theresa was ecstatic to learn she has access to behavioral health resources where she can stay safely at home while managing her anxiety and health.

To address her medication concerns, Rakinzie confirmed Theresa was eligible for an early refill on her medication and helped connect her to Humana Pharmacy for mail delivery. Theresa was able to place an early refill for Hydroxychloroquine and felt better knowing more prescription medication was on the way to her, without leaving home.

Rakinzie then addressed Theresa’s food concerns and helped get two weeks of food delivered directly to her home, easing her anxiety about contracting COVID-19 at the grocery store. Then, Rakinzie worked with Theresa to explore long-term solutions, helping her identify a neighbor who might be willing to help bring Theresa food while maintaining proper social distancing protocols.

Finally, Rakinzie talked to Theresa about developing a safe routine for exercise at home. Theresa remembered some chair exercises she learned while in physical therapy in the past and was excited to try those moves again.

The support Theresa received from Rakinzie decreased her anxiety and gave her peace of mind amid circumstances she was having trouble navigating alone. Theresa now knows Humana hears her concerns, sees her as an individual and will support her.

Caring about the challenges facing our members like Theresa is a simple but meaningful act, resulting in a more human approach to healthcare.

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