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Celebrating Mr. Felix’s Birthday: Why Social Connections Are Important for Seniors


Mr. Felix, a Humana member, is a familiar face at the Neighborhood Center in Metairie, right outside of New Orleans. Before the pandemic, he would come to the Neighborhood Center frequently and talk to the staff. He enjoyed doing puzzles and had a good connection with the people. During 2020, Heather Diaz, a Health Educator at the Neighborhood Center, maintained a relationship with Mr. Felix and would call him each month to check in and see how he was doing. 

Heather realized that Mr. Felix was feeling socially isolated due to the pandemic and wanted to lift his spirits. While Heather could not be present physically, she helped him feel connected with people and things that make him smile, including puzzles. This made for a special reunion, over a year later, when Mr. Felix returned to the Neighborhood Center on his birthday.

Wearing the mask he received from his local hospital after getting vaccinated, Mr. Felix came to the newly in-person Neighborhood Center May 12. He walked in and was surprised by the confetti being shot off to celebrate his birthday. Smiling ear-to-ear, Mr. Felix was happy to be reunited with the people he hadn’t seen in months. Andrea Lee, the Local Manager of the New Orleans Neighborhood Center, made sure they had on hand one of Mr. Felix’s favorites, a new puzzle. Heather and Brooke Blanchard, the Humana Neighborhood Center Coordinator, brought gingersnap cookies, another favorite of his. The team spent time with him and enjoyed catching up after many months apart.

At the Neighborhood Centers, community is important. Mr. Felix does not have a car but for him, taking public transportation, walking several blocks or finding a family member to drive him, is worth the togetherness of his friends at Humana. Heather, Andrea and Brooke all remember his birthday and his favorite things, and that makes him a cherished member of the New Orleans Neighborhood Center.

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