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Humana and Candibell to team up for improved oral care – an important piece to the overall health puzzle

A mom and daughter holding toothbrushes

Humana is teaming up with Candibell, Inc. to offer Humana’s Commercial Group members special access to an innovative new care system designed to help people improve their at-home, oral hygiene habits, which may help prevent cavities and gum disease.

Candibell’s system, called Truthbrush, is the world’s first fully automatic and universal solution for seamless oral care activity tracking with embedded social networking capabilities. Truthbrush is creating an oral health eco-system connecting people, providers and payers to drive significant and meaningful behavioral improvements in at-home, preventive, oral care.

How does it work? Truthbrush trackers attach to any toothbrush (manual or electric; adult or child; any brand) and automatically map every brushing session. This information is then stored in the Truthbrush app, where users can understand their current brushing behavior, see personalized feedback and can allow parents to monitor the progress of their children.

“As more Americans look to incorporate technology in their health and wellness routine, Humana wants to ensure its members have preferential access to these innovative resources, like this one from Candibell” said Whitney Helm, Director, Humana Group Specialty Product & Partnerships. “Truthbrush is designed to improve dental health, which we know that together with regular dental checkups may contribute to overall well-being and help reduce the risk of certain chronic health conditions.”

To learn more about Truthbrush, visit https://www.truthbrush.com. Exclusive pricing will be available to Humana Group members in mid-October through myhumana.com.

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