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Second Harvest Food Bank Teams Up with The Humana Foundation and Humana to Deploy the Makin’ Groceries Mobile Market 

Ribbon cutting at the Makin’ Groceries Mobile Market grand opening event 


Humanaand The Humana Foundation have committed more than $750,000 to theSecond Harvest Food Bank for the Makin’ Groceries Mobile Market, which deploys to four locations around the Greater Lafayette, Louisiana, area every week.  The market sells nutritious food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, at very affordable prices in at-risk communities.  


“We call these neighborhoods ‘food deserts,’” said Mobile Market Manager Kristen Wesley. “Residents and working families often only have corner gas station markets and fast-food sites to choose from. So, we’re bringing the grocery store tothemevery week. 

Food deserts are not unique to South Louisiana, and this local initiative is designed to replicate the positive nationwide results that Feeding America, whose network of food banks includes Second Harvest, has had with mobile grocery stores.  


Wesley said, “It helps our communities in so many ways. As much as possible, we source the produce and other offerings directly from local farmers and food producers. So, as we are helping to expand grocery options for so many, the program will also offer vital support to local farms as well.”  


“We want the communities we serve to know that we care about their health as well, and we will also offer cooking demonstrations and education about nutrition,” added Wesley. “The Makin’ Groceries Mobile Market is about meeting people where they are, bringing resources directly into local communities.”  


The Mobile Market team can accept EBT/SNAP benefits (food stamps) as well as credit/debit cards. Team members also help residents stretch their dollars even further by connecting them with other Second Harvest resources in the area. 



Event attendees check out the Makin’ Groceries Mobile Market 



“Our work with Second Harvest is part of Humana’sBold Goalto help improve population health by addressing the social determinants of health, which are nonmedical risk factors, such as life circumstances and environments, that can affect a person’s health and well-being,” said Humana Louisiana Medicare President Matt Berger.  We are grateful for this opportunity to again work together with Second Harvest tohelp improve health outcomes in Lafayette.   


“Humana has historically had a strong commitment to our many community partners in the state of Louisiana,”said Humana Medicaid Regional President Tony Mollica.The Makin Groceries Mobile Market initiative builds upon our longtime relationship with Second Harvest, and we look forward to working together in Lafayette to help address population health needs by providing an accessible, affordable option to fresh, nutritious food.”  


There are no shortcuts to solving hunger, and this is a long-term project for us, according to Second Harvest Regional Director Paul Scelfo. Across Acadiana, 1 in 5 families is at risk of hunger, and 1 in 3 children live in poverty. So many hard-working families find themselves travelling many miles just to get to a decent grocery store, something most of us take for granted. And it’s even harder for seniors with limited mobility or no transportation options.”   

“There are no income or paperwork requirements for people to shop the low-priced offerings at the Market,” said Wesley.  


“We continue to support hundreds of local food pantries in community centers, churches, and other partners which offer food assistance at no cost. Our Mobile Market program will add options for those residents who are lacking one of the simplest conveniences in life: Shopping for groceries close to home from a market and people they trust.”  

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