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Humana is the No. 1 company for workers in the healthcare provider industry, according to Forbes and the 2019 JUST Capital ranking of the Top 33 Companies for Workers by industry.

Each year, JUST Capital surveys Americans on what it means for a business to engage in just business practices. The Top 33 Companies for Workers list ranks companies that invest in workers and prioritize fair pay, benefits, a living wage, safety, equal opportunity, skills training, work-life balance and more.

Humana earned the No. 1 spot for workers in the healthcare providers industry because of its commitment to employee health and well-being. In 2018, Humana employees achieved their Bold Goal, improving their health and well-being 20 percent, through a variety of programs and services focused on mental and physical health.

To learn more about these and Humana’s other corporate citizenship efforts, read the company’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

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Technology helps people reach out to and connect with friends, families and loved ones. Sometimes, a text message or an email from someone special can turn a bad day into an amazing one.

That’s the idea behind Senior Planet San Antonio, specially designed classes developed by OATS and funded by a Humana Foundation grant. By helping seniors learn to use technology to connect with others, it’s possible to change the way people age by addressing social isolation and loneliness, two key social determinants of health. And, by learning a new skill, participants often feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Watch this video and get to know Guadalupe and Gary, two seniors who take Senior Planet San Antonio classes.  Their stories are part of Humana’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report and examples of the many ways Humana is inspiring health and well-being.

As Gary says, “I’m enjoying things as good as I ever have in my entire life – just because of knowing a little bit about computers and cell phones.”

Together, Humana, the Humana Foundation and OATS are helping San Antonio seniors stay connected to their families, friends and communities and lead their best lives.

For more information on Humana’s CSR efforts, read the 2018 CSR Report.

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The Humana Foundation, philanthropic arm of Humana Inc. for the past 38 years, is awarding more than $2 million in grants to nonprofit organizations in Louisville as part of its ongoing Community Relations Program. The initiative began in 2018, when the foundation awarded $2.4 million to nonprofits that contribute to health and well-being in Humana’s corporate hometown.

Organizations receiving Community Relations funding in 2019 will address social determinants of health by providing critical safety net services and/or by making Louisville a more appealing place to live for all. These programs contribute to health and well-being in the Louisville area by focusing on healthcare services, nutrition and food security, personal safety and shelter, built or natural environments, arts and culture, and education and early childhood development.

“In 2018, we received applications for 170 programs in the Kentuckiana region and partnered with 32 organizations working to improve well-being for all,” said Walter D. Woods, CEO of the Humana Foundation. “This year, we are grateful we have the continuing opportunity to partner with the nonprofit community in making Louisville a better place to live. We believe it is our role to enhance the well-being of our community by supporting and encouraging collaboration in multiple sectors where leadership, culture and systems work together.”

With the 2019 grants, special consideration was given to applications:

  • Combining and integrating work in a partnership between two or more organizations.
  • Focusing on inclusion, diversity, equity and belonging in order to break down barriers that keep all citizens from engaging the services and opportunities Louisville has to offer.

One initiative receiving 2019 Community Relations funding from the Humana Foundation focuses on collaboration and partnership between local organizations. The University of Louisville and Interapt will share a $325,000 grant to address education, partnering to offer an intensive software development training program to historically marginalized adults in Louisville’s West End. Led by the UofL School of Business, the Louisville Skills program will improve the financial outcomes and personal and family trajectory of participants by preparing them for careers in the tech industry.

The following nonprofit organizations will also receive Community Relations funding from the Humana Foundation in grant amounts varying from $325,000 to $25,000:

Input from Humana’s Community Relations Program Advisory Committee, a diverse group of volunteers from Humana’s Network Resource Groups, and an online vote of Humana employees based in Louisville helped decide which organizations received 2019 funding.

Humana employees are also encouraged to support the Community Relations Program grant recipients through skills-based volunteerism. By putting their business skills to work for local organizations, Humana employees will be able to help increase local health and well-being.

Also as part of the 2019 Community Relations Program, the Humana Foundation is funding several other organizations, including Metro United Way and Fund for the Arts.

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Healthy, nutritious food fuels healthy lives, giving people the energy they need to exercise and move their bodies. The support of an encouraging community makes it easier to stay on the path to well-being.

Funded by a grant from the Humana Foundation, the San Antonio Food Bank’s Senior Wellness Intervention Model (SWIM) addresses food security and social isolation for local seniors who screen positive for social determinant of health needs. Healthcare providers screen for social determinants of health and refer at-risk seniors to SWIM’s Nutritional Navigators, who connect them with nutritious food, cooking and exercise classes and other wrap-around programs to address their needs.

Watch this video and meet Frances, a San Antonio senior. She and her friends take a healthy cooking class and exercise class with Nutritional Navigators, learning new ways to eat better and move more. They often eat dinner together, cooking for each other and sharing what they’ve learned about healthy eating and exercise.

Describing how she feels after eating well and exercising, Frances says, “And it makes you happy. You come, and the blood is running. It’s healthy for you!”

Together, Humana, the Humana Foundation and the San Antonio Food Bank are helping seniors access nutritious foods, move more and build relationships.

For more information on Humana’s CSR efforts, read the 2018 CSR Report.

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“Never before in Humana’s 58-year history have we had a better opportunity to help people live healthier lives.” – Bruce Broussard, Humana Chief Executive Officer

Those words open Humana’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, and those words are at the heart of all of Humana’s CSR efforts.

The report, released today, details the ways Humana associates work together to inspire health and well-being for each person, for each community and for the future. From Humana’s Bold Goal efforts to helping people understand and overcome social determinants of health to protecting environmental health, Humana is committed to helping people live their best lives.

And, Humana’s commitment to being a good corporate citizen – to providing whole-person care, supporting healthy communities and achieving sustainable growth through responsible business practices and environmental stewardships – supports this work.

The 2018 CSR Report illustrates how Humana inspires health and well-being:

  • For Each Person, including achieving the employee Bold Goal, a partnership with Walgreens in Kansas City, work to improve the health outcomes of members with multiple health conditions, and efforts to combat opioid addiction.
  • For Each Community, including reducing Unhealthy Days for Humana seniors in Bold Goal communities by 2.7 percent and the Humana Foundation’s work to address social determinants of health.
  • For the Future, including achieving environmental goals and setting new ones, as well as Inclusion & Diversity efforts to create an inclusive culture where all employees feel welcome and safe.

To learn more about Humana’s CSR efforts, read the 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

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