Inclusion and Diversity

When Jody Bilney, Humana’s first chief consumer officer, spoke on a Louisville Business First panel with three other local, female executives, she acknowledged that there is “not a single or standard route” to the leadership positions she and her peers hold.

For Jody, her career has traversed several industries, including consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, financial services, startup technology, casual dining, and now health care. She also serves on the board of directors for Masonite, the largest door manufacturer in the world.

“(When I was selected for Masonite’s board), I knew nothing about the door business,” Jody confessed. “What I do know is consumers. I understand how people make decisions. I understand how well-run companies are well run; the importance of corporate culture and governance; and the importance of employee engagement. Those are (all) transferrable skills that are relevant across industries.”

Jody encouraged the audience to be intentional about gaining experiences that qualify them for leadership roles. “Because it doesn’t just happen,” she explained. “It happens over time and with a certain set of very relevant and interesting experiences.”

Jody also talked about the importance of Humana’s network resource groups (NRGs), which are voluntary organizations open to all employees. NRGs provide personal, experience-based forums for exchanging ideas and building community. The largest NRG at Humana is the Women’s NRG with more than 7,000 participants.

“(Through the Women’s NRG, participants) are taking it upon themselves to broaden their careers and be curious about what’s next. To be continuous learners and evolve who they are,” Jody said. “As a marketer, there is something you say, ‘You have to stand for something, but you can’t stand still.’ That goes for brands – the brands I’ve worked for over the years – but it goes for individuals as well. You have to stand for something. You have to get good at something. But that can’t be it. You have to continue to grow and evolve. As leaders of organizations, we have to help create an environment where people can advance.”

As a final note about leadership, Jody said: “If you want jobs like we have here, then it’s not all you. It’s a support system you create and the work environment you select so you know you have a shot at thriving there.”

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Humana’s Maria Hughes, Senior Vice President and Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, has been named to BLACK ENTERPRISE’s 2018 Top Executives in Corporate Diversity List, a roster of the nation’s leading professionals who drive innovation, productivity and profitability by ensuring across-the-board diversity.

The list includes “leading professionals who drive innovation, productivity, and profitability by ensuring across-the-board diversity that includes the workforce, leadership, corporate governance and supply chain,” the magazine said. A special report appeared in the magazine’s latest issue, highlighting the critical role played by Hughes and her peers “in bolstering the global competitiveness of corporate America.”

“I’m honored to be on this list, because it reflects the important work we do at Humana to ensure that inclusion and diversity helps create a culture that drives innovation, improves quality and sustains growth,” Maria said. “Health care is a varied and intensely personal marketplace, and cultivating the uniqueness of our team helps us leverage a broad array of insights and understanding as we guide our members toward their best health.”

To select the Top Executives in Corporate Diversity, BLACK ENTERPRISE editors consulted major corporations and identified the leading corporate executives charged with driving corporate diversity efforts within some of the nation’s largest entities. They selected leaders who drive diversity initiatives vital to their business objectives.

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Humana has been named to the DiversityInc list of Top 50 Companies for Diversity, the leading assessment of diversity management in corporate America and around the world. Humana is No. 48 on the list.

In addition, Humana is No. 10 on the DiversityInc list of the Top 18 Companies for Veterans.

The DiversityInc Top 50 list, issued yearly since 2001, recognizes the nation’s top companies for diversity and inclusion management. These companies excel in such areas as hiring, retaining and promoting women, minorities, people with disabilities, LGBT and veterans.

“We’re honored to be on this list and proud that our employees reflect the wide variety of the communities in which we work,” said Bruce Broussard, Humana’s President and CEO. “Our members are unique and have different health needs and goals. Having a diverse group of employees who can empathize with and relate to our members is critical to our helping them achieve their best health.”

The DiversityInc list is derived exclusively from corporate survey submissions, and there is no cost. To be considered for a spot in the DiversityInc Top 50, a company must score above average in recruitment, talent development, senior leadership commitment and supplier diversity. Companies are evaluated within the context of their own industries.

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A robust, leader-driven commitment to inclusion and diversity can help a company realize its strategy and its vision for the future, while creating a meaningful work environment for everyone, according to Maria Hughes, SVP and Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer at Humana.

She recently spoke with FierceHealthcare about the importance of making sure our workplaces help everyone thrive.

Leader support is critical, she said, noting that she works closely with Humana’s inclusion and diversity council, which is chaired by CEO Bruce Broussard and is primarily made up of his direct reports. Such commitment is a business imperative, she said.

“Today, even more than ever, inclusion and diversity is very important—it’s a hot topic in society,” she said. “So if we think about recruiting top talent and retaining our talent, having someone at a senior level that wakes up every single day thinking about inclusion and diversity … definitely sends the right message to [that] talent.”

She also spoke about the importance of mentoring, which allows Humana’s leaders to meet talented, high-potential associates while also educating those employees on business strategy and connecting them to thought leaders.

And Humana supports “network resource groups,” which are voluntary, employee-led groups that focus on developing future leaders and getting involved in local communities. There are eight of these groups, representing communities including women, people with disabilities and African-Americans.

Maria was the first president of the African-American resource group – IMPACT — 10 years ago. “This role has kind of come full circle for me,” she said.

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Humana is among Mogul’s Top 100 Innovators in Diversity & Inclusion in 2018, a list that honors companies making the greatest strides in leadership diversity, employee resources and mentorship, and service to the community and sustainable efforts.

These companies excel in “hiring a diverse talent, creating welcoming environments and communities for employees and contributing to society in meaningful ways,” Mogul said. “The Top 100 were determined through weighted scoring, taking into account minority representation in top leadership roles, support and resources for employees, and social contribution within each organization.” Humana is No. 58 on the list.

“We’re honored to be recognized as part of this group,” said Maria Hughes, Humana’s Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer. “Our vibrant, diverse workforce and inclusive culture at Humana helps us thrive as a team and inspires our work every day. We work hard to make sure every employee feels valued and engaged, despite differences in race, age, culture, sexual orientation or gender. It’s that inclusive culture that makes us strong and allows us to understand and empathize with our members as we help them achieve their best health.”

Mogul said, “At Humana, 61% of the management and supervisor roles are held by women and 43% of associates are people of color. Humana pursues several multicultural initiatives in the communities where their associates live, including the YMCA Black Achiever’s Program, Habitat for Humanity, Project BUILD and a partnership with the National Council of La Raza.”

Humana’s Bold Goal is to make the communities it serves 20 percent healthier by 2020. Key to that are efforts to promote employee health and well-being — including the right to bring their true selves to work — and to be good corporate citizens who work sustainably.

Read more in Humana’s most recent Inclusion & Diversity Report.

Mogul is “an award-winning platform reaching millions of women per week across 196 countries and 30,470 cities,” according to its website. “Mogul is democratizing information for women worldwide by enabling users to connect, share information, and access knowledge from each other. Headquartered in NYC, with offices in San Francisco and Paris, Mogul was named one of the Most Exciting Startups by Business Insider, Best Website for Finding Top Talent by Inc. Magazine, Top Website for Marketing Your Company Online by Forbes, and Top Online Learning Platform by Entrepreneur.”

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