Bruce Broussard joins call for empowering patients with data

Humana President and CEO Bruce Broussard lent his voice yesterday to a call for greater interoperability through electronic records, with the goal of empowering patients by giving them more access to and control over their health data.

Bruce and other health care leaders participated in a conference call with Seema Verma, the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, after she called for making electronic claims data more accessible to consumers during a speech at the HIMSS18 Conference in Las Vegas.

Bruce said Humana looks forward to lower barriers to interoperability and the sharing of claims and clinical EMR data between payers and providers.

A FierceHealthcare article about the event quoted Bruce as saying “connected and integrated health IT” is key to the future of care. “We’re very excited about how this will transform healthcare to be much more consumer-based,” he said.

“We are happy as can be about supporting your efforts today, giving consumers control over their health data and engaging them more fully in the care-decision-making process,” Bruce said during the call.

“We’ve been working with Medicare for 26 years now, and we provide our members claims data through a digital platform,” he said. “We also have a rich analytics review of claims to identify, for physicians, clinical interventions. But these efforts have been hampered as a result of inconsistent clinical data sharing and a lack of standards. And your announcement today will stimulate greater transparency of medical information for Medicare beneficiaries.”

He said the new API technology will ease today’s laborious process of establishing connectivity between physicians and hospitals as they share clinical information.

“Through the availability of data – and this is the most important part – we are able to look at different ways to analyze for maximum use and effectiveness, which as Seema indicated in her speech today is the key to transitioning to value-based payment models.

“We are very excited about how this will transition health care to be a much more consumer- and value-based industry.“

Read the full FierceHealthcare article here.

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