Humana CEO offers insights at health IT event in India

Humana President and CEO Bruce Broussard presented at Transforming Healthcare with IT, which is the largest healthcare and IT-based international conference and trade show in India and is organized by Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation. He shared the following insights from the event:

 “Technology has become one of the most important drivers in transforming all industries, including healthcare. There are so many promising advancements happening on a number of fronts—interoperability of patient data, technological advancements like telehealth and remote monitoring, which the U.S. can learn a lot from India on as you’re much more advanced in this area than we are. Things like artificial intelligence and natural language processes have incredible potential for scaling personalized care, enabling healthcare in the future to be a one-to-one conversation vs. one-to-many.

“I want to thank Apollo for the opportunity to participate in this conference. Both here at the conference and during my visits to other parts of India this week, I’ve not only enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people, it’s personally been an incredible learning experience. My biggest takeaway from the trip is that both the U.S. and India have much to gain through the mutual exchange of ideas and learnings to build better healthcare delivery systems for our respective societies.”

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