Humana cited as a leader in modern, digital HR practices

Successful Human Resource organizations have to be a step ahead in planning and analytics – preparing for change and leading through it – and Humana is ahead of the curve, according to a recent article in Human Resource Executive.

Research from EY, Development Dimensions International and The Conference Board was compiled into the Global Leadership Forecast 2018: 25 Research Insights to Fuel Your People Strategy. It includes responses from more than 25,000 business leaders and 2,500 HR professionals.

The research describes three categories of HR professionals: reactor, anticipator and partner. “The goal for HR, according to the experts, is to become anticipators, especially in this ever-evolving digital world.” And “the lifeblood of anticipators is predictive analytics.”

“Deloitte has found that high-impact organizations have HR leaders at the helm, navigating disruptions,” the story said. “Successful HR leaders elevate their department’s capabilities, engage in all aspects of the organization with a business mindset and optimize the value of investments by aligning and tailoring solutions that turn disruptions into opportunities.

“Transforming into an agile organization is no small task, but it can be done. Take, for instance, Humana, a company that saw the coding on the wall and shifted its focus to digital in 2012. A few years back, a digital group was built into HR, according to Roger Cude, Humana’s senior vice president of human resources business partners, talent management and organization development.

“This digital team was staffed with developers, industrial engineers and rapid prototyping experts, Cude says — professionals whose skill sets were outside of the HR realm, which enabled his diverse team to think outside of the box and deliver stellar digital content.

“Our digital HR team stitches together various technologies to help drive an integrated employee experience,” Roger said.

“Humana also has a Digital Center of Excellence that accelerates digitization capabilities. Cude has his team members rotate into digital leadership positions within the center to gain hands-on experience and knowledge that can be leveraged within HR.”

That agility, and the transformative partnerships it enables, is the mark of a successful organization.

Read the full article here.

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