National Weather Service honors Humana

The National Weather Service has named Humana the 2019 Ambassador of Excellence for the Louisville area, called NWS Louisville. The award is part of the weather service’s Weather-Ready Nation program.

Ambassadors of Excellence have made significant contributions to building a Weather-Ready Nation. By serving as change agents and leaders in their communities, Ambassadors of Excellence have:

  • Inspired others to take action and become ready, responsive, and resilient
  • Created innovative ways to engage their community, their workforce, and/or their social network
  • Formed unique collaborations with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and/or other ambassador organizations to achieve goals they alone could not meet
  • Embraced building “a Weather-Ready Nation for All” by addressing vulnerable populations’ needs.

Since early spring of 2019, a team from Humana’s Safety & Security Fusion Center has worked closely with NWS Louisville in promoting safety through their company with regard to weather. In April, the team visited and toured NWS Louisville, where weather resources were shared and contacts for their needs were established. The Humana Team followed up with NWS Louisville’s Hydrologist and the Ohio River Forecast Center on questions regarding a flood plan at one of their locations.

In August, Humana hosted a weather safety presentation put on by NWS Louisville that was broadcast  to nearly 1,800 Humana employees across the country. A tour of Humana’s Safety and Security Fusion Center was provided before the presentation. Humana has proven its commitment to a Weather Ready Nation throughout 2019, and we look forward to our continued partnership with them into the future.

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